Pane ai semi di papavero e formaggio

ENGLISH   ESPAÑOL Manipolare gli impasti é un’azione estremamente liberatoria e rilassante, aiuta a canalizzare le energie, a liberare la mente, a scaricare l’aggressivitá, a gestire meglio gli effetti dello stress. Per preparare il pane, é vero ci vuole pazienza e cura, ma niente di meglio che il buon profumo di pane appena sfornato, cosí fragrante e soffice. Quando penso al pane ho sempre un’immagine … Continue reading Pane ai semi di papavero e formaggio

Pane morbido con pancetta affumicata

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Niente di meglio di un buon pane preparato con le vostre mani, in questo caso quelle di mio figlio 🙂 Facile da fare, buono da mangiare. L’impasto per il pane si presta a mille varianti, questo e’ con pancetta affumicata. Una vera e propria specialita’ che potrete servire per il pranzo o per gli spuntini fuori orario. Una gustosa bonta’ che conquistera’ tutti. E voi cosa aspettate… mani in pasta!

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(english) Crusty white bread

I think that anyone has tried to make bread at home. Many people think that is difficult, however it’s not difficult you only need  patience and practice at preparing  the dough and then while it rises  you can find something else to do : you can call your friends, read that book you bought and have not yet had time to open, play with your kids 🙂 . It’s a great for destress. You can consider the simple act of preparation and handling of the dough as a relaxation technique for the mind, body and emotions. It’s perfect if you are impatient, if you depend on immediate results, if you need to channel your energy, is an act extremely liberating, kneading keeps your mind engaged and, without realizing it, you forget stress, worries, and concerns. I used to  see baking  bread since I was a kid, my mom used to make it, at  my grandparents home it was a tradition , my aunts used to make bread too . Not one or two …. bu a lot , and they kneaded in this way:

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(english) Burgers from A to Z :)

To prepare this tasty turkey burgers you need: burger buns,  turkey burger, sliced tomatoes, avocado, onions caramelized and some sauces, each that you prefer.
With a little effort  and a few simple ingredients you can make your burger buns, perfect for delicious homemade burgers! I found the turkey burger’s recipe in the book “You can cook”. This is a step by step cookbook  for kids, I find it very usefull to prepare delicious and tasty meals and have fun cooking with my son.  Vegetarian could use the Veggie Burger recipe on

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