(english) Pan amasado

literally “kneaded bread”  is a traditional and very popular Chilean bread.

Ingredients: (Daniela’s recipe)

1 kg plain flour
4 teaspoons dried yeast (or 25 g baker’s yeast)
500/600 ml warm water
approximately 60 ml oil
1 teaspoon of sugar
olives finely chopped
minced garlic

Dissolve yeast in warm water with a teaspoon of sugar. In a bowl, mix the flour and the salt and add the water with the yeast.
When the ingredients are nicely combined add the oil. The characteristic of this bread is that you have to mix it a lot. (Daniela told me that the farmers who prepare it say that you have to knead until the dough starts to bubble). Knead until the dough is soft and smooth.
You divide the dough into three parts. Add at one oregano, another one olives and other garlic.
Grease a baking sheet, form small  rolls and allow rest and rise them for one hour.
Pre-heat the oven to 200 C

Then prick tops with fork, and bake rolls about 25 minutes. Don’t forget to check the oven after about 15-18 minutes to see what the rolls look like: every oven is different

The chilean people eat the bread for breakfast whit butter, or waiting for lunch. It is served at  “once.”  Once is the afternoon/evening meal in Chile that involves tea or coffee and bread with butter,  jam, mashed avocado and ham & cheese, and cake. It is the Chilean version of English high tea or Spanish merienda.


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