Sbriciolata con nutella e crema pasticcera

ENGLISH   ESPAÑOL Preparare la sbriciolata é una vera delizia, é rapida, é facile, non sono necessarie particolari doti culinarie, potete farcirla solo con nutella o con crema di ricotta o tipo crostata danese con marmellata e crema pasticcera, insomma impossibile non vi venga voglia di provare a farla, unica nota dolente ….. che ovviamente una volta sfornata vi verrá voglia anche di mangiarla 🙂 … Continua a leggere Sbriciolata con nutella e crema pasticcera

Lasciati stuzzicare: fagottini alle verdure


Finalmente tempo di buffet e pranzi all’aperto per invitare gli amici ed offrire loro piatti allegri e stuzzicanti. Questi fagottini sono velocissimi da preparare, monoporzioni appetitose, nutrienti ed invitanti anche per i palati piu’ difficili. In cucina vince anche la fantasia, gli ingredienti possono essere cambiati a seconda dei gusti e della creativita’ di chi cucina. Il cuoco francese Auguste Escoffier sosteneva che un menù non deve essere soltanto una lista di pietanze, ma un insieme armonioso di cibi, in modo da avere una “leccorniosa orchestrazione”. Allora privilegiamola l’armonia dei sapori 😉

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(english) Crusty white bread

I think that anyone has tried to make bread at home. Many people think that is difficult, however it’s not difficult you only need  patience and practice at preparing  the dough and then while it rises  you can find something else to do : you can call your friends, read that book you bought and have not yet had time to open, play with your kids 🙂 . It’s a great for destress. You can consider the simple act of preparation and handling of the dough as a relaxation technique for the mind, body and emotions. It’s perfect if you are impatient, if you depend on immediate results, if you need to channel your energy, is an act extremely liberating, kneading keeps your mind engaged and, without realizing it, you forget stress, worries, and concerns. I used to  see baking  bread since I was a kid, my mom used to make it, at  my grandparents home it was a tradition , my aunts used to make bread too . Not one or two …. bu a lot , and they kneaded in this way:

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(english) Let’s make a delicious mess in the kitchen

Have you noticed how the children show interest in everyday life activities pretending and playing games ? But if they can choose it is more pleasant and interesting to actually do one of these activities. Without effort they develop important skills. They love to do funny things, to experiment and be creative …. cooking is all these things together and they like to do it. I started to observe kids cooking when I was a teacher, then I started to involve my son. In the three years that we have lived in Chile we had  fun cooking afternoons preparing pizzas, cakes and cookies with our friends. And his teacher also used to involve parents in the preparation of cakes and biscuits with her students at school.

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(english) “Spaghetti” with breadcrumbs

It’s a dish of southern Italy, the ingredients are simple but tasty. It’s very appetizing and very easy to prepare, just 10 minutes for the seasoning and few more to cook pasta. The basics ingredients are garlic and breadcrumbs (mollica di pane), but depending on the region you can have variations such as adding anchovies and / or capers.

In the past the crumb have been used in place of cheese, and for this reason it was known as the poor man’s cheese. I also added the “Peperosso” which is used in many dishes in Calabria especially in preparing salami and salsiccie (like these). Continua a leggere “(english) “Spaghetti” with breadcrumbs”

(english) Vittoria’s tiramisu’

I prepared this tiramisu with custard. Unfortunately I had some problems with the pictures but I’ll post them as soon as possible 🙂

250 g mascarpone cheese (if you prefere yuo can put more , 300 g)
250 ml of thickened cream
coffee ‘ “espresso”
400/500 g of “savoiardi” (lady fingers)
cocoa powder Continua a leggere “(english) Vittoria’s tiramisu’”

(english) Chicken fajitas

They are ideal for an evening with friends,for a spring dinner,to have a meal in total relaxation. Everyone prepare his own wrap and it becomes a fun way to prepare food. A single course that is not too caloric if you choose the right ingredients 😉 The tortilla (not to be confused with the spanish tortilla) is one of the typical dishes of  the Mexican cuisine and it is the basis for many different recipes: enchiladas, chilaquiles quesadillas, tacos, fajitas. The name depends on the filling and how they are folded. They are commonly made from maize flour but they can be made also from wheat flour (tortilla de harina or tortilla de trigo) and placed on a hot griddle (comal), and cooked on both sides.

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