(english) Puree of red lentils with eggplant and roasted tomatoes

I have recently found  a notebook with recipes  that I used to collect  during my  years at university: those kind of  recipes  you find in magazines at the dental office,  the recipe that the neighbor gave to you or that  one  that you have seen  on TV. I realized that there are some interesting recipes that I’ve never tried before so  I decided to prepare … Continua a leggere (english) Puree of red lentils with eggplant and roasted tomatoes

(english) Your Mexican sauce

So easy, so good and healthy.
It ‘s true: in the kitchen with a little bit of this and a little bit of that you get the dish you want 🙂
Here a few simple ingredients combined together to get a delicious sauce.

1 onion (finely chopped)
1 small green capsicum (cut into small cubes)
1 jalapeño (chopped)
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon of cumin
1 teaspoon paprika
minced garlic (I used half a clove)
2 tablespoons extra virgen olive oil
400 g  diced tomatoes,
and a secret ingredient 🙂 Continua a leggere “(english) Your Mexican sauce”

(english) “Spaghetti” with breadcrumbs

It’s a dish of southern Italy, the ingredients are simple but tasty. It’s very appetizing and very easy to prepare, just 10 minutes for the seasoning and few more to cook pasta. The basics ingredients are garlic and breadcrumbs (mollica di pane), but depending on the region you can have variations such as adding anchovies and / or capers.

In the past the crumb have been used in place of cheese, and for this reason it was known as the poor man’s cheese. I also added the “Peperosso” which is used in many dishes in Calabria especially in preparing salami and salsiccie (like these). Continua a leggere “(english) “Spaghetti” with breadcrumbs”

(english) Onion’s focaccia

I was preparing the bread dough but something did not work, 🙂 I think I put too much water and so I decided to prepare a delicious focaccia, it is easy to learn how to make it, the preparation is fast and cheap. You will have beautiful and delicious results preparing focaccia. You can also prepare it a day in advance.
I used onions, olives and oregano but you can use finely chopped fresh or dried rosemary. If you want you can change the seasoning, you could try cherry tomatoes and basil or cheese, it’s a versatile dough.
To achieve alveolar surface , use your fingertips and press the dough outward toward the edges of your pan gently . Put a substantial amount of oil, it’s absorbed into the bottom crust, making it flavorful and crunchy. Continua a leggere “(english) Onion’s focaccia”

(english) Savoury muffins

These muffins with cheese and zucchini are really good. They are perfect for a snack or as part of your packed lunch. I prepare these for my son for school lunch. I found this recipe  in the book: “The children’s baking book” and I however made some changes.

Ingredients:  (makes 12, preparation 15 min.)
2 medium sized zucchini
120 g mature hard cheese (such as cheddar or gruyere cheese)
20/30 g grated parmesan cheese
2 eggs
280 g plain flour
175 ml milk
80 g melted butter
1 tbsp baking powder
salt Continua a leggere “(english) Savoury muffins”

(english) Pumpkin ravioli

Stuffed pasta are the pride of Italian cuisine. They are delicious meals that contain different fillings from region to region. Each country and, I think every family, has his own version, original and delicious: meat, pork, sausage, fish, vegetables, cheese. I give you the recipe to prepare pumpkin ravioli, there are different versions, this is my recipe 🙂 Then with a little fantasy you can give at the recipe a touch of originality making it more personal.
It’s not a quick preparation, it requires patience and care. This recipe may sound complicated, but if you organize yourself, it really isn’t. Take your time, relax, cook for your mind and your soul, and to take the chance to involve your family or your partner, your friends, you can spend time together in a relaxed atmosphere and have fun. And then is rewarding to eat something that you made with your own hands.
You need about 2 hours and half. Continua a leggere “(english) Pumpkin ravioli”

(english) Vegetables cous cous

Ingredients for cous cous (serves 4/5, preparation about 30 minutes)
250 ml of water
250 g of precooked couscous
two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

In a large pot, pour the water and bring to boil, then add the salt, the couscous and two tablespoons of olive oil. Stir and remove from heat. Allow to swell for 2 minutes (the couscous absorbs the water). Add butter and heat again on very low gas for 3 min., while stirring with a fork to separate the grains. Remove from heat and allow to cool for about ten minutes. If you prefer you can flavor with curry or saffron. Continua a leggere “(english) Vegetables cous cous”

(english) Burichitas

It ‘s true….  that everything can inspire you in the kitchen 🙂
Today’s recipe is  typical of the Bulgarian cuisine sefartida. I read the book “Il conto dell’ultima cena ” by Moni Ovadia, a fun exploration of the relationship between food and culture of the Jewish people.  This book  is a collection of stories and recipes of the Jewish cuisine , so I decided to try some of them, some look really inviting.
The Burichitas are simple to prepare and are very tasty.There are no doses of the ingredients in the book. I did a search on the web, and all the blogs that give this recipe (which are very few) point to the same site.   and  aunt Elle has been inspired by the book too 🙂 anyway….  I decided to follow her doses about  the ingredients …. and the result is really great. Continua a leggere “(english) Burichitas”