(english) Quiche lorraine

Ingredients for shortcrust pastry
200g  plain flour
90 g  cold butter, roughly chopped
20ml very cold water
1 large egg, (separated into yolk and white) Continue reading “(english) Quiche lorraine”

(english) “Pastry pie”

The pastry pie “whit brie cheese and bacon”  🙂
Few weeks ago I saw “Waitress” by Adrienne Shelly. A story, pleasantly nice although a bit sad, in which the protagonist likes to communicate her moods and moments of her life through the preparation of cakes and pies.
The food become  the protagonist the link to her dreams, there is the hope of a better future, the small joys, regrets and love.
So…. I decided to try some of her “pies” Continue reading “(english) “Pastry pie””

(español) Quiche lorraine

Igredientes para la masa quebrada: 200 g de harina 90 g de mantequilla fría, cortada en cubos 20 ml de agua fría 1 huevo sal Poner en un processador la harina con la mantequilla en trocitos y procesar hasta que la mezcla es de aspecto harinoso (si no tienes una licuadora puedes hacer a mano), poner la mezcla en un bol, añadir el agua fría … Continue reading (español) Quiche lorraine