Il casatiello napoletano

English Español Quest’anno per il pranzo di Pasqua e pasquetta tra le varie preparazioni dolci ne ho voluto provare una salata che ho sempre mangiato a casa dei miei suoceri ma che non avevo mai fatto: il casatiello.     Tutti, credo, conoscono questo rotolo salato tipico della cucina partenopea, preparato con pasta da pane e farcito con formaggio a vari tipi di salame. É … Continua a leggere Il casatiello napoletano

Gli gnocchi alla romana…. ma sono romani davvero?


ROMA la citta’ eterna e soprattutto un eterno palcoscenico, il suo fascino e’ intramontabile, passeggiando fra monumenti secolari e millenari. Itinerari per la mente e per la gola: piazze, scalinate, fontane, ristoranti e osterie tipiche. Dallo scorcio romantico di  Castel Sant’Angelo, a piazza San Pietro. Dall’agitata via del Corso alle scale di Trinita’ dei Monti, Piazza di Spagna e  i locali di Trastevere. Campo dei Fiori e il Colosseo, Piazza Navona terminando con il meraviglioso spettacolo che offre la vista dal Gianicolo.

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(english) Childhood memories in the kitchen

Don’t know about you but I really like to prepare something that other people can enjoy.
Looking back I think it depends on my wonderful and numerous family.
When I was a child we used to be eight of us seated at the table and now many more The family enlarged and we are twenty-five . You can imagine all the fun and joy of our family reunions which are always held during holidays hence lunch and dinner with delicious dishes rich in tradition and flavors of the past.
I grew up in the perfect harmony between the pleasure for good food and passionate cooking.
The respect for good food,the search for quality and always fresh products, the pleasure for absolutely wholesome food of my dad perfectly blend with the skills and passion for cooking of my mom. Continua a leggere “(english) Childhood memories in the kitchen”

(english) If this is a sin…… ready for another one

Italiano Español

Oscar Wilde wrote “…. The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it… I can resist everything but temptation….”

while the quote in the title is by my grandpa 🙂

So some times we give in to this temptation pleasant, indulce in this sweet habit without ever worrying about the calories. The profitterol: tasty bigné  filled with cream or whipped cream covered with a delicious chocolate sauce.

Ingredients for  bigné: (with these doses you can prepare 16 to 20 bigné depends on how big you want them) Continua a leggere “(english) If this is a sin…… ready for another one”

(english) Let’s make a delicious mess in the kitchen

Have you noticed how the children show interest in everyday life activities pretending and playing games ? But if they can choose it is more pleasant and interesting to actually do one of these activities. Without effort they develop important skills. They love to do funny things, to experiment and be creative …. cooking is all these things together and they like to do it. I started to observe kids cooking when I was a teacher, then I started to involve my son. In the three years that we have lived in Chile we had  fun cooking afternoons preparing pizzas, cakes and cookies with our friends. And his teacher also used to involve parents in the preparation of cakes and biscuits with her students at school.

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(english) Chop food for stress relief

After a stressful day at the office you might be tempted to order take away or heat up frozen food. Your day has been a long heavy day, and you want a  ready hot meal without waiting to cook. Actually preparing our own dinner gives us the possibility to reduce stress levels, to share a moment with the family and to know what we are eating. I know, it takes patience, but preparing the ingredients,  cutting, chopping, slicing  are the ideal activities for relieve your stress. Let yourself be carried by these simple acts and your mood will change totally. Cooking is very relaxing if you don’t focus too much on the final result, or the recipe. Just choose simple dishes, or let be inspired by what you have in your food shelves .

I know that sometimes it can be a bit daunting but if you change your way of thinking about cooking you will feel the many benefits that you can obtain. Confucio said: “wherever you go go with all your heart”, well …. whatever you do do it with all your heart. Over the years I have realized  that I love cooking and I think  that it can be therapeutic too. When I’m particularly tired or restless or thoughtfully I cook and I concentrate in these simple acts, on flavors and fragrances and I forget concerns, problems or sadness. Cooking for wellness of the Mind, Body, and Spirit …… and a nervous system always balanced. Continua a leggere “(english) Chop food for stress relief”

(english) Spaghetti puttanesca

It’s a Mediterranean cuisine’s dish, simple but very tasty. Perfect for any occasion, quick and easy to prepare, about 15 minutes to prepare sauce, plus the pasta’s cooking time. Puttanesca is a ‘lady of the night’. Actually the origin of this name is uncertain You can find more info here

This is F.’s version 🙂
Ingredients: (serving 4)

350 g spaghetti
4/5 anchovies fillets in oil
2 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon capers
100 g pitted black olives (chopped)
200 g  tomato sauce
8 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
chilli (to taste)
chopped fresh parsley Continua a leggere “(english) Spaghetti puttanesca”