(english) A bit of everything

IMG_2067“How do we fill our Pizza CupCakes?”
A bit of everything mom“.
This was the answer of my son when I was preparing dinner some time ago. The selection of the ingredients is not done well in advance no doses scales or cookbook.
Those adorable little ones with their simplicity often tell us great things.

THis is what I say to you to day, put a bit of everything:

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Cucinare con i bambini: di tutto un po’: i pizzacupcakes

IMG_2067“Cosa mettiamo nei PIZZA CUPCAKES?”
mamma facciamo di tutto un po“.
E’ questo che mi ha risposto mio figlio mentre preparavamo la cena. Niente ingredienti stabiliti in anticipo, niente dosi e bilancia o libri di cucina. Sono loro, queste deliziose creature, che nella loro semplicita’ ci dicono delle grandi cose.
E così e’ quello che io dico a voi: mettete di tutto un po’:

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(english) Christmas relaxing_cookies

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Last week playing with the iPad with my son we found an App with cookies recipes from Martha Stewart, we have chosen one and we made some cookies straight away:


They are delicious and very easy to preparare. There is a very good cookies section in her page. There are videos really interesting with ingredients and instructions.Just follow the link above if want know more.

The other night we made more cookies 🙂

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Donuts fatti in casa: la sorpresa di saperlo fare

English  Español Avete mai pensato a quanti processi i bambini mettono in gioco cucinando? Attenzionali, di memoria, di coordinazione, concentrazione, creativita’. Stimola i nostri figli in tutti i sensi, cucinare oltre a tenerli occupati li rende produttivi e migliora il loro umore. Date loro la possibilita’ di scegliere cosa preparare e ne vedrete delle belle. Quando mio figlio cucina e’ sempre molto curioso e concentrato. … Continue reading Donuts fatti in casa: la sorpresa di saperlo fare

(english) Donuts recipe (the surprise that….. they can do it)

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Have you ever thought about how many processes children activate while cooking? Attention, memory, coordination, concentration, creativity. Cooking stimulates our children in many ways, it keep them busy  and it improves their mood. You give them a chance to choose what to prepare and you will see something good. When my son cooks he is always very curious and concentrated. I realized that cooking can become an opportunity to stimulate the child’s development and his autonomy: learning to make food  , to recognize healthy foods, and organize  the time they have available are important moments in growing up , it takes very little to make these moments enjoyable and interesting. Children are able of doing and if they make mistakes they can try again… In the kitchen everything can be changed: you can change the ingredients  of a  recipe it doesn’t matter , kids experiment and it’s normal that repeating more times the same dish the result is  never the same. Here there are my son’s  baked DONUTS. My little chef is always ready to experiment. When cooking is done  there is  the satisfaction for the result: the surprise to realize that he can do it!

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