(english) A bit of everything

IMG_2067“How do we fill our Pizza CupCakes?”
A bit of everything mom“.
This was the answer of my son when I was preparing dinner some time ago. The selection of the ingredients is not done well in advance no doses scales or cookbook.
Those adorable little ones with their simplicity often tell us great things.

THis is what I say to you to day, put a bit of everything:

some pizza dough (you will find the recipe)


some cheese, whatever you like (such as mozzarella, cheddar or fontina cheese . You can try the ricotta if you want a more delicate taste , blue cheese or feta if you are for the intense flavors)

a bit of ham, salami or sausage

a little bit of vegetables. With the pizza dough you can use any vegetable. I used the boiled broccoli passed in a pan with a clove of garlic and they were great. You can imagine my surprise when my son left the ham and mozzarella pizzacupcackes to eat those with broccoli and caciotta.


Just use what ​​you like

a bit of chopped tomatoes
a few leaves of fresh basil
a little bit of oil for brushing the molds and the surface of the pizza cupcakes

Add some desire, a few leaves of patience, a lot of personal taste and the secret ingredient that is your time and you will get very tasty pizza cupcakes like these.

You can prepare them with your children, or have fun in the cold winter afternoons inviting friends. A great afternoon snack, perfect for parties or picnics. Create, prepare, cook, experiment take you a number of benefits: strengthening self-esteem, self-confidence, give free rein to creativity:
There are many skills and virtues that one can develop and learn with a simple act such as that of cooking.
The kitchen and is a special space that can be turned into a play area, a creative laboratory, a haven for times of stress, a space where you can create , a place of socialization and communication. Have fun turning your insights, your culinary experiments, memories and flavors of childhood in steaming dishes. To break the habits that often lead to boredom.
In one of my next post I’ll tell you about my Chilean baking club experience unique, fun and relaxing.
The motto is: keep calm and carry on cooking 🙂
Soft rolls or scented cupcakes, stuffed pizzas or steaming cakes, cookies or delicious spaghetti cooking should be a time of relaxation. With some delicious and easy dishes, a little of care about to the presentation the next meal will be a joy for the senses.
Often we allow ourselves to be intimidated by recipes, complicated descriptions long cooking times. Relax, let yourself be guided by your preferences and personal tastes, and if you are really unsure just think “I can do it.” Feel safe, no rules, no expectations, and you will see the result The details can make a memorable dish, and small touches and simple dishes can really transform your table.

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