(english) “Ghiottoncini” chocolate and ricotta cream

Elegant chocolate mini cups, for a simple and tasty dessert. Use these chocolate mini cups as a perfect container for your dessert creations and eat it too.
The idea is just to relax, have fun and experiment in the kitchen. Simple recipes, creative and imaginative. I have made them in this way but you can play with the chocolate and you can use it in many different ways: white chocolate, milk or dark chocolate, and then fill with fruit, fruit and cream, mousses, ganasce, ice cream or any other candy filling of your choice. You can use paper cup of any type or size .

Cute and delicious morsels to taste.

Ingredients for 15 mini cups:

150 g dark chocolate
150 g  fresh ricotta
70 g sugar
15 pieces of any type of cake (I used ricottacake that I prepared in the morning. But  you can use a sponge cake or whatever you prefer or have available).
One cup of harvest wine (to wet the cake)

Place the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat it on high for one minute or until the chocolate is melted. Alternatively you can melt it in a bain-marie.Once melted let cool a bit. Use as molds the paper cups. Using a brush, cover the insides of the cups with a generous layer of chocolate, especially into the bottoms and top edges.

Put them  in the refrigerator to cool until the chocolate is firm. Meanwhile, prepare the cream cheese.
Place ricotta and sugar in bowl and mix until smooth and creamy, then cover and place in the fridge until required.

Carefully remove the paper cups from chocolate and transfer them on a tray. Put inside each cup a piece of cake previously soaked in the wine and with a pastry bag fill the cups with the cream cheese.

Decorate them as you like, I used decorations chocolate and flaked almonds

Tomorrow I am going to publish photographs of a fun chocolate afternoon with F. 🙂

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