(english) Two is better than one

Sunday  is always a peaceful day for us, just relax, pleasant moments, and  delightful idleness 🙂
I like to make something special for breakfast, prepare bread, spend some time for myself, I lose myself in books, recipes, photos and thoughts and so sometimes without realizing that is time for lunch.So when my husband decides  to cook I let him do that.

Last Sunday was one of those days  and he was going to prepare some pasta but … “Noooo dad I’ll cook today! You can help me and mom can take pictures ” said F. who is learning to cook. He  finds it extremely funny and something that make him feel like  a grown-up.

It was great to see them cooking for me. When someone  cook for you it means that he cares of you. Cooking together is also also a lot of fun and it change the monotony and the daily routine. I was also a bit touched to hear them laughing and having fun, chatting among pots and pans. Few simple ingredients chosen by our little chef: olives, capers and anchovies …. but he didn’t know that he was going to prepare a delicious “spaghetti alla puttanesca”.

The kitchen mixes with emotions and it turns into a space for sharing and communicating …
It is just so….  cooking is the opportunity to meet, to relax, to do something different with your partner, family or friends. To enjoy and have fun with our children who in this situation can become creative in total relax .
You have to try it…. you can verify that the kitchen unites the family, it becomes a space for conversation, the perfect place to share relaxing moments. Spend time together cooking.Children need our time, our attention.Especially if you have  little time available after a day at work, the kitchen can be the ideal place for that. No complicated dish,  no boring or hard activities , especially for the youngest.
You can also plan a time to spend with them to prepare cakes,cookies, or snacks. Even with teenage children it can be a way to get closer, to chat quietly. Remember it is an activity to reduce stress and so try to keep a positive communication , create a fun atmosphere. Let’s make of your kitchen a relaxing and memorable place where to grow up, reflect, describe oneself …

Let’s make the most of the pleasure of sharing,cooking and eating together

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