(english) Bring the rainbow on your table!

I was looking for information for one of my posts, I have found this article: “Mood and food: how food affects mood” I found it full of interesting curiosities and so I wanted to share it with you. “…… Foods affect moods and emotions more than you image because there is a direct link between food and mind …… vitamins, dietary fat, proteins & co, in fact, directly affect the chemistry of the brain, and if you choose the right foods, you put in motion a pull of neurotransmitters and hormones that give support your mood …. “. So…. foods and substances for everyone and not only … for all moods: Zinc and omega 3 if you feel depressed, too much sugar produce anger, potage and warm soups if you need some cuddle, the favorite foods of childhood if you need to be reassured. I guess it’s what all cooking lovers, wellness and healthy food feel and think about food.
(I ordered the book they are talking about in the article In the mood for food, I don’t have it yet  but I’m very curios to read it 🙂
We are what we eat, and beyond all doubt what we eat comes to us for its aroma, the taste, the color, the feelings that it arouse, for the memories that it brings to mind. So when we have to decide what  to eat  we are influenced by various factors.
Also the colors of foods affect mood producing cascades of hormones and enzymes.

I wanted to play with colors this time: the result? I brought the joy in the kitchen, and a delicious meal on the table:Tortillas mexicanas. Traveling is nice for this reason too. It is a way to learn and to try cuisine from different countries, to learn about unusual flavors, to experiment with new ingredients, and to know something about the countries’ culture that they represent.

It’s obvious that there are not miracle foods but with a few tips maybe we can guarantee us physical and mental wellbeing.

There is no magic but that one that we practice living our lives. I often reflect about  importance that  small changes can have in our lives, what are we doing wrong that we can change?

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