(english) A secret ingredient: the time

“….I thought that tonight we could work with one of the secret ingredients of all: time.
Minutes, hours. If you stop to think about it, every meal you eat, you eat time—the weeks it takes to ripen a tomato, the years to grow a fig tree. And every meal you cook is time out of your day—but you all know that.  Usually a lesson on time is really about efficiency: how  you can  do many things in few time. But tonight we’ll do the exact opposite. We’ll cultivate inefficiency,  we’ll waste our resource more precious  as if it were an unlimited….”

I extract it from a book that I read (The School of Essential Ingredients of E. Bauermeister), and that I seemed perfect to introduce the today recipe: pumping ravioli recipe. It’s not a quick preparation, it requires patience and care.
It’s a book about pleasure and magic of food, a mix of flavors and feelings, nothing extraordinarily surprising but  you read it easily,  simple and tasty just like recipe that, “it tell”,  it left me with a feeling of sweetness, and it describes  perfectly the special atmosphere that a kitchen creates between friends in an evening conversation, when for someone nothing is fun, when you’re dealing with the illness, a pain, when you need to regain confidence in yourself, regain love, or when you feel so happy and you want to share it with others. Time as a different value in the kitchen and the satisfaction of doing automatically wellness.
I dedicate always a little time cooking for my family, my friends, I love to cook for them. I remember Christmas Lunch, Easter, the birthday parties with my family…. always so many people with so many things to tell.
This novel will make you want to cook,   listen to your feelings and transfer them in the dishes that you want to prepare.

What ‘s the secret ingredient to be happy? We don’t know the answer, everyone …. in their own way …… has to find it.
Happiness derives from a subjective sense of wellness, from positive emotions that we live, how we get involved everything that we do and mainly derives from  awareness of it.   It’s not easy but is possible.


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