(english) A secret ingredient: the time

“….I thought that tonight we could work with one of the secret ingredients of all: time.
Minutes, hours. If you stop to think about it, every meal you eat, you eat time—the weeks it takes to ripen a tomato, the years to grow a fig tree. And every meal you cook is time out of your day—but you all know that.  Usually a lesson on time is really about efficiency: how  you can  do many things in few time. But tonight we’ll do the exact opposite. We’ll cultivate inefficiency,  we’ll waste our resource more precious  as if it were an unlimited….”

I extract it from a book that I read (The School of Essential Ingredients of E. Bauermeister), and that I seemed perfect to introduce the today recipe: pumping ravioli recipe. Continua a leggere “(english) A secret ingredient: the time”

(english) Pumpkin ravioli

Stuffed pasta are the pride of Italian cuisine. They are delicious meals that contain different fillings from region to region. Each country and, I think every family, has his own version, original and delicious: meat, pork, sausage, fish, vegetables, cheese. I give you the recipe to prepare pumpkin ravioli, there are different versions, this is my recipe 🙂 Then with a little fantasy you can give at the recipe a touch of originality making it more personal.
It’s not a quick preparation, it requires patience and care. This recipe may sound complicated, but if you organize yourself, it really isn’t. Take your time, relax, cook for your mind and your soul, and to take the chance to involve your family or your partner, your friends, you can spend time together in a relaxed atmosphere and have fun. And then is rewarding to eat something that you made with your own hands.
You need about 2 hours and half. Continua a leggere “(english) Pumpkin ravioli”