(english) Do you feel stressed?

Do you feel stressed and you are looking for a relief?
Perhaps you can try cooking. Someone think that it could seem a stressful commitment but there is something incredibly relaxing in cutting, slicing, chopping, mixing and kneading. Let yourself be carried by these rhythmic gestures, by the heady fragrance of spices, by the smell of the food that you are cooking. The finished dish leaves a happy feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that will help you to further reduce the level of stress.
Cooking could become in your hobby.
You can start with simple dishes that you can prepare for you and your family and then you can begin to enjoy preparing for your friends.
Whether you are a habitue’ or new to the world of cooking the idea is to spend a relaxing moment in your kitchen so it’s better not to complicate preparing dishes particularly elaborate and elaborated menu unless you have a lot of patience, passion, time available and maybe someone to help you! I don’t think it is necessary to be a chef to engage in this “art.”  It is not important how perfect look like the finished dish, it is certainly less important than  the simple act of cooking,  you’ll  find yourself  and get in touch with your emotions.
The experience and the knowledge are certainly important when we cook, but some small suggestions, some little attention, patience and a positive predisposition are important too and they can help you.
Turn off your phone, get away from the computer and the TV and….. start cooking!!

▪ Use music to help you relax
▪ Start with simple recipes
▪ Experience ….. you can change and improve everything,  in the kitchen (like in life)
▪ If something doesn’t  work  as you want doesn’t matter, cooking is not a competition, it should be a relaxing experience.
You need of  few kitchen utensils.

( I have learned this while traveling, to give the right value to everything and be able to organize  with the bare minimum. Moving out does not always have everything available to me. Someone said I could also make cookies in the Amazon rainforest and this is true, is the attitude  that you have that makes the difference. I  prepare cakes for friend’s birthday parties, the friend of mine tell me the recipes, and it’s something that makes me very happy, I am able to cook for 25/30 people in absolute tranquility’ and I thing with good results.
Well…. so keep calm and carry on cooking! We learn, we have fun, we relax ……… and then everyone ready to sit at the table!

2 thoughts on “(english) Do you feel stressed?

  1. Cooking is a great way to get relaxed and forget about for at least a moment. Also if you feel stressed you should try some yoga, pilates or meditation. Do not let the stress to ruin your healt like it did to me. If everything goes wrong, try not to worry too much – remember that stress is realy bad for your health and the health is the greatest wealth!

    1. thanks for looking my blog, I have many friends that are happy with yoga and pilates, sometimes when I cook I feel like doing meditation especialy when I prepare elaborate dishes but I have to say I never tried a proper meditation!
      Cheers Anto

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