(english) Cooking is…. therapeutic

Every time that I cook or I decide to cook intentionally to let myself go I leave all worries and  I let myself be carries away and  the time  disappears leaving a sense of well-being and tranquility ‘.
I spend many pleasant moments in the kitchen and I love it I love to cook, to experiment and improvise. Since we travel we have learned to enjoy and appreciate dishes of different flavors that I never thought of eating. I like to look for recipes, prepare them at home and then invite friends to enjoy them and to spend the evening eating and chating
Cooking is for me a time to dedicate myself, to share with my friends and my family, a way to have fun and chat with my son.
It represents a way to take a break from the hectic life, from the daily stress and from work.
Through small acts such as the handling of food, creativity, we can live experience relaxing and sensory.  The kitchen becomes a form of expression, a liberation, in a lovely little world where feelings and moods are mixed with the scents, aromas and flavors.

So I started to think how to cook is not just an act to satisfy the palate and nourish our body but also a form of nourish the soul and mind.

The kitchentherapy is a technique and stimulation of our senses through the act of cooking, which allows to relax the mind and body
The process of designing, preparing, cooking, experiment and tast a recipe take to a wide range of benefits for our physical and mental wellness.

I’ll post an easy an delicious recipe….. CAKE CIOCOMENTA. I chose it for its extraordinary color and its smell. Mint with the fresh aroma and intense blends perfectly with the strong taste of chocolate. I recommend you taste it,  is good for heart and  palate!

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