(english) Do you feel stressed?

Do you feel stressed and you are looking for a relief? Perhaps you can try cooking. Someone think that it could seem a stressful commitment but there is something incredibly relaxing in cutting, slicing, chopping, mixing and kneading. Let yourself be carried by these rhythmic gestures, by the heady fragrance of spices, by the smell of the food that you are cooking. The finished dish … Continua a leggere (english) Do you feel stressed?

(english) Cooking is…. therapeutic

Every time that I cook or I decide to cook intentionally to let myself go I leave all worries and  I let myself be carries away and  the time  disappears leaving a sense of well-being and tranquility ‘. I spend many pleasant moments in the kitchen and I love it I love to cook, to experiment and improvise. Since we travel we have learned to … Continua a leggere (english) Cooking is…. therapeutic