(english) “Pastry pie”

The pastry pie “whit brie cheese and bacon”  🙂
Few weeks ago I saw “Waitress” by Adrienne Shelly. A story, pleasantly nice although a bit sad, in which the protagonist likes to communicate her moods and moments of her life through the preparation of cakes and pies.
The food become  the protagonist the link to her dreams, there is the hope of a better future, the small joys, regrets and love.
So…. I decided to try some of her “pies”
Today I propose that with brie and bacon, and  for those who prefer  vegetables a  version with zucchini and eggplant. I also tried a version with peas and meat … it’s good and it smells delicious.
You can  fill the quiche whit a lot of fillings: potato and sausage, asparagus and bacon, mushrooms, emmental and ham, ricotta and spinach. The cheese has be one of those that blend easily: grated gruyere or emmental or tasty.  Use your fantasy but  It is important  to not overdo with  the ingredients for the fillings.
Simple ingredients but with a nice touch. The quiche is perfect served as a starter  or main dish.
For a delicious buffet, a cocktail or a party there are the mini quiche, you can use same ingredients but using the molds for muffins or tarts.
The recipe of  pastry is of Christophe Felder , the chef of the country of quiche, one of the great names of French pastries that I’ve found on this blog.
This preparation don’t requires special skills,  you have try is extremely relaxing to unleash creativity’, to make food an expression of your mood. You find harmony in the kitchen, the  joy and balance. You try….. also when it can seem undertaking a venture 🙂

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